Ask Noel-Questions about RAW and Photoshop versions


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Mary L asks:

“I saw a post you made last week about Photoshop Elements 14 being on sale at Staples… I just got a Canon 7D Mark ii and now I can’t open RAW in my Photoshop Elements12. Is there something I can do or do I need to get the 14?”

You need to upgrade, because Adobe stops updating raw plugins on older versions of their software. When new cameras come up, they are only added to the latest version plugin update. So Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 will never be able to read your RAW files with any camera bought after version 13 came out.

Another option is to convert all your RAW files to DNG…which any version of Photoshop can, and will in the future, read…Here you can download latest DNG converter for Windows or Mac.

But then you have to take the time to convert them and will end up having two copies of each image, which of course will take up twice as much space.

The same thing goes if you use any version of Photoshop CS up to the last commercial version available for purchase pre-Creative Cloud. If you have Creative Cloud, you will continue to get updates..that’s what you are paying the monthly fee for of course.

Speaking of Photoshop Creative Cloud….

Many ask:

“Do I need to buy the full version of Photoshop, or is Elements all I need?”

The answer to that really depends on the photography you are doing.
For most photographers, Elements has all the tools you will ever need. Image correction, resizing, cropping, adding things, taking away things, add filters and effects, working with RAW, etc.

If you are planning to get into professional photography shooting portraits, weddings, etc, then the full version has more tools and functionality that you will find useful.