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  • Photo Bits May 10th 2016

    Icebergs always make for great images…but look at how amazing they look when they have flipped upside down! Want to make sure you get all the latest posts and info? Subscribe! (237)Read More »
  • Photo Bits May 4th 2016

    In honor of May The 4th Be With You day…the Force is strong with this edition of Photo Bits… Photographer Paweł Kadysz brings a little levity to the darkside with a series of images depicting Darth Vader as an everyday joe. #MayThe4thBeWithYou -Lots of people use Star Wars figures as …Read More »
  • Photo Bits March 29th 2016

    Interview with Jerry Uelsmann, a pioneer in image manipulation. BTW…all done in the DARKROOM…no photoshop! Want to make sure you get all the latest posts and info? Subscribe! (66)Read More »
  • Photo Bits March 22nd 2016

    Google has made the Nik Collection of plugins for Photoshop/Lightroom free to download. A lot of useful tools in this bundle, from black and white conversion, hdr, sharpening, image effects and more. Note: You will need Photoshop CS/CC, Elements, or Lightroom to use it. Want to make sure you get …Read More »
  • Photo Bits Mar 15th 2016

    Over 14,000 images from the Apollo missions have been put on Flickr. One small step for man, one giant leap for photography! -If you can believe it, some parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters… -The Camera Store has a You Tube channel, with lots of great videos…including the …Read More »

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