8 Week Beginner Photography Course


An eight class course for beginners, you will learn the features of a SLR camera, lenses, films types, metering, and lighting. Other topics covered include composition, portraiture, landscape and nature, travel, and creative techniques. Outdoor shooting and field trips will also take place, including night photography. Each week you will be given a homework assignment, which will be critiqued next class.

Wednesday evenings 6:15-9:15pm Location: Uptown Saint John Cost: $300 taxes included

A digital SLR mirrorless, or SLR style digital point and shoot style camera

Class 1 Camera Operation/Settings/Lenses/Shutter Speeds
Class 2 Apertures/Depth of Field/Metering and Exposure
Class 3 Lighting/Flash Photography/Creative Techniques
Class 4 Composition
Class 5 Photo Field Trip Full Shoot Class
Class 6 Landscape and Nature/Night Photography
Class 7 Photographing People
Class 8 Travel Photography

The course includes a one hundred page manual fully illustrated with photographs and containing all information
covered during the course that is yours to keep!

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Why You Should Take A Course From Me

I believe you must truly love what you teach to be a great teacher. I have a deep passion for photography, and I want to infect my students with that passion and enthusiam, no matter what aspect of photography they are interested in.
I have been teaching photography for more than 15 years, for both the general public and at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.
I have both a Bachelors of Adult Education and a Masters of Education from the University of New Brunswick.
I am a firm believer that each student is different, so I use as many different learning styles in my teaching as possible-lecture, visuals, demonstration, hands-on, storytelling, humour...I even give homework!
I also provide fully illustrated course manuals and notes for every course I give that cover all the material you are learning.
I also don't keep secrets or hold back any information. You want to know how I did something? I will tell you without hesitation. I'm here to help you improve your photography and get the photos you want.
When it comes to "critiquing"...I always try to focus on the positive. What is good in an image, and suggestions what could be improved the next time. You can see an example of my critiquing style in this video, along with this post on my thoughts on critiquing.
Here is what some of my students have said about my courses:
-“Your passion for the subject is wonderful to see, along with your helpfulness in answering questions and explaining things. The practice sessions, images, the course manual, and individual guidance made this a wonderful experience for me.”-P.Cranton
-“You have a real passion for photography, and it’s reflected in your teaching, and the informal relaxed approach makes the students at ease. You never made me feel that my questions were ‘stupid’, even though they probably were!”-M. Williams
-“Your down to earth approach is refreshing. I was concerned you’d be the professional putting down the amateurs, but the photo critiquing and your help has been valuable! This was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!” -C.Scott