Advanced Flash Photography Course


Want to take better photographs with your flash? Not happy with the results you are getting? Then attend one of my advanced flash workshops! Topics we will cover include TTL/Manual flash exposure modes, off camera/wireless flash, accessories, creative lighting, and more!

ADVANCED FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE Saturday or Sunday, 10-4pm Cost: $75


Topics we will cover include:
-Use of TTL and manual exposure modes with your flash to get proper exposure.
-off camera and wireless flash, how and what accessories are needed to do it and use it effectively
-using multiple flashes
-creative lighting with flash
-balancing flash with ambient light indoors and out
-use you flash as a studio light

We will go over the various techniques and set ups, then pair up and take photographs using them at a variety of stations I will set up in the large room. If you wish to see some work done by students during previous workshops, click HERE. To register for the course or get more information, click HERE.