“You covered a wide range of material with good visual support and in-depth explanations. The personalized one on one learning is great. You’re very knolwedgeable and it shows in your teaching.”-M. Bolduc

“You have a real passion for photography, and it’s reflected in your teaching, and the informal relaxed approach makes the students at ease. You never made me feel that my questions were ‘stupid’, even though they probably were!”-M. Williams

“You’re down to earth approach is refreshing. I was concerned you’d be the professional putting down the amateurs, but the photo critiquing and your help has been valuable! This was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!” -C.Scott

“I like the assignments, the practice, and the constructive criticism. Your knowledge is second to none.”-J. Cadieux

“Very thorough instruction with a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. As a true beginner, I found it really clear and learned more that I thought I would and am very pleased with the results.”-C.Collicut

“The first night alone was worth the $250!”-Y. Seeley-Jones

“I feel like I’ve learned a year’s worth of photo education in one weekend. This course has inspired me to take more photos. I’ve learned that you can find beauty in almost anything and everything.”-T.Clark

“The course manual and quick info cards are extremely useful and will definitely help down the road. This was an awesome course and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”-J. Somers

“The mass of information made it well worth the money.”-J. L’Aventure

“I’ve been wanted to take this sort of course for a while now, but it never worked out. It was great learning from someone with such experience and enthusiasm.”-T. Michaud

“Your passion for the subject is wonderful to see, along with your helpfulness in answering questions and explaining things. The practice sessions, images, the course manual, and individual guidance made this a wonderful experience for me.”-P.Cranton

“I liked the flexibilty, small class size, with a good mix of instruction, practical, analysis, and feedback. You really go out of your way to provide value in what you give us.”-K. Herriot