6 Week Beginner Photoshop

Thursdays 6-9pm Location: Uptown Saint John Cost: $200+tax

A mac or PC laptop with Photoshop CS-CLOUD or Photoshop Elements version 5.0 or higher. If you have not yet purchased a version of photoshop, you can download demo software here. You will also require various images to use the new techniques you will learn on.

As a user of Photoshop on a daily basis over the past ten years, I will teach you all the basic Photoshop tools and techniques you can use to manipulate and enhance your images.

During the course, you will learn
-all the basic tools(crop, selection, move, brushes, etc)
-how to resize images for various uses(print, email, online)
-the various file formats and when to use them
-how to use layers to combine images
-adding text to images
-proper techinques and tools to retouch, adjust, color correct, and sharpen your images
-retouching old photographs
-how to hand color images and tons of other fun and creative ways to make your photographs look great!

To see some of the images created by students during my previous workshops, go here:

The course includes a manual fully illustrated with photographs and containing all information covered during the course that is yours to keep! Click HERE to register or for more information

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