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Tim Olsen, a professional photo assistant and photographer from Minneapolis, posts about being a photo assistant. Very informative!
Chase Jarvis is a very well known (to the online community) commercial photographer based out of Seattle who travels all over the world for big advertisement campaign photoshoots for Nike, Sandisk, Toyota, etc. His blog focuses more on the subjects outside the actual release of the shutter; from the photography industry as a whole, and where it's headed, to 'closing the creative gap', to detailed behind-the-scenes of big shoots, to the consolidation of still and video in the industry.
Master of light Joe McNally's blog where he posts from his various assignments and workshops!
Blog by the Black Star photojournalism agency. Lots of great posts on photojournalism, business, law, stock photography, and more
Blog featuring the work of New York Times Photographers
Come here for a daily dose of photos from around the world, as well as commentary and questions from NPR's multimedia team.
A Picture's Worth Photoshelter's take on the photo industry, photographer websites, selling photos, SEO, gear and more.'s photography related page
Behind the scenes with Reuters photographers as they cover the world.
Scott Kelby is a photoshop wizard, President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and author of amazing books on Photoshop.
Famous for the Afghan Girl image in National Geographic, Steve McCurry has photographed amazing place and the people from around the world.