Photo365 success with thousands of ideas from the Learn Photo365 app V2.0!

I’m super exciting to announce Version 2.0 of my Learn Photo365 apps, with new features that will make Photo 365 failure a thing of the past!

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Here’s what’s new:

Photo 365/52 Week/30 Day Challenge Lists:
The app will now produce a full Photo 365, 52 week, or 30 day assignment list to inspire photographers. Assignments ranging from camera settings, light, composition, photographing people, landscape, nature will inspire you every day. With a daily reminder to get your assignment, Photo 365 completion is guaranteed.

Selfie 365:
If you are into selfies, but want to take your selfies to another level, the app can generate a full year of selfie ideas. These will be fun, creative, and possibly challenging ideas to make your selfies stand out from the masses.

More Assignments and Random Awesomeness:
I’ve added new assignments to the over one hundred currently in the app, and even more random objects, places, combinations, and scavenger hunt terms. There are thousands of possibilities with this app!




Favourite Assignment List:
You can save all your favourite assignments on a list just a button tap away!

Sharing Assignments:
You can get your friends in on the fun by sharing your assignment via email, Facebook, and twitter.

Over 700 Example Images:
Each assignment has a series of example images to demonstrate the technique or inspire you!

Daily Reminder:
Taking part in a 365 day challenge? Get the app to send you a reminder each day to get your photo assignment to keep you on track.

No Network Required:
The app is completely self-contained and does not require a wifi or network connection. No matter where you are, you can always get an assignment.

Video Tours:
Take a quick tour of the apps and their features here:

For SLR Photographers or iPhoneographers:
There are two main versions of the app, one for SLR shooters that is available seperately for iPhone and iPad, and a version for iPhoneographers that is tailored more to shooting with an iPhone.

As a firm believer that people should be able to try before they buy, there is also a Free version of the full app that contains just a fraction of the assignments available in the full paid version, but should be enough to make you want it all!

So what are you waiting for? Download the app, get inspired.

Full info on the apps at
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For more info, contact Noel

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