I’ve just launched V2.0 of my apps, and I’m looking for your help one last time to spread the word. AND HERE IS WHY:

Hi Everyone

First off, a warning. This message will relates to the launch of v2.0 of my photography apps, and one more request for help from you to spread the word.
If you are sick of hearing about my apps, you probably should stop reading.  But before you do, I just wanted to explain the reasons why your help is so important, some of which you may not realize.

Still here? Awesome. I truly appreciate it.
To start, I will again thank every one of you who has helped me in the past promoting my apps. The small success that I have had with the apps is all because of your help.

As you probably have already seen, I just launched the version 2.0 update  which has a whole bunch of awesome new features to go along with the redesign I did for V1.5. I’m going to make one more huge push to get it up the app store lists…and this is where you come in.


I can’t post most places about the app…because I created it.
It’s hard to promote an app without being labelled a spammer.

Most times I’ve tried to post about my photography apps on various online photography boards/communities/blogs/comments/forums/Facebook/Twitter/etc, I’ve been called a spammer, gotten banned, deleted, or suspended.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand that spamming is what I am doing by general definition as it is unsolicited…but this is a photography related app, not some “lose weight/get rich quick/financial advice” scheme, and most of these places I have tried to post it are for photographers. Or the posting is photography related, or people asking about recommended photo apps.

However, if anyone else posts about it, it’s okay. Because you are already a user on the board or a member of the community…and you didn’t create it. So that’s fine.

Tech writers and app review sites never get back to me.
I’ve emailed hundreds of em. Most never return/acknowledge my attempt to contact them, or a follow up email or tweet I send. Or even worse, they expect to be paid for reviews.  I’ve tried taken the time to engage the person beforehand, personalized my pitch…hasn’t mattered. I’m sure it’s because they are buried under emails from people like me, but no matter what the reason is, I’m not reaching them.

The app store does not help sell apps.
Well, only the ones they choose to feature. And it’s usually the same apps or apps that people already know about. For example…Instagram is featured three times on the photo app page in the Canadian store. You’d have to be living in an underground cave on a pacific island since WWII to not know about Instragram…
The app store is so full of apps, it’s like a needle in a haystack the size of a small mountain. Unless people search for specific keywords, my app won’t even come up. And you can’t even browse apps anymore. You only get to see what Apple decides to feature or what is on the top 200.

The only way to get noticed is to make it into a Top Ten list…and the only way to do that is to get downloads. And the only way to do that is to get noticed…

See the vicious circle?

Here are some things that I could do:

1) Pay for fake downloads, 5 star reviews, etc.
A lot of people are doing this right now. Just read most reviews of many popular apps, and you will see lots of text that appears to have nothing to do with the app reviewed.

2) Create fake accounts and post about the app as someone else.

These are slimy tactics that I want no part of.

So then you are saying “Well Noel, why don’t you just pay for advertizing?”
Well, I have. I spent a bit of money on Facebook advertizing and got a grand total of 80 clicks on that ad…with no bump in downloads.  Advertizing in a photography magazine? Well, that’s $500 for one issue for a business card sized ad. I’d have to have 250 downloads of the paid version to even recoup that cost. I will be doing this for the launch however, in the hopes it MIGHT pay off.

So these are some of the reasons I need your help.

Some of you might be asking “What do I get out of it Noel? Why should I help you make a ton of money?”

First off…I’m not going to be making a ton of money off this. I won’t be an app millionaire. But most of you know, my dream is to be able to just teach photography. This just might be possible if my app can get some buzz and exposure to shoot it up the lists. If it does that, my dream might just come true.

And you are correct. I can’t compensate you for doing this. I can’t give out free courses to everyone (but there are some prizes, info below)

But maybe I have helped you out in the past somehow…advice on buying a camera..given you an honest critique on one of your photos…you’ve used information I’ve posted on my blog to take a better photograph of something…or I’ve liked or shared something you were passionate about…or you just like helping people make their dreams come true.

So if that is the case, here’s what I am asking help with.

I know you are all busy, so I’ve made sharing the apps as easy as possible!
I’ve created a page to share/tweet/post/pin/email about the app here: http://www.learnphoto.ca/apps/promote.html

You can feel free to modify the posts/tweets to your liking of course and obviously a personalized message would be better. But if you don’t have the time, just click the buttons you want!
Any chance you have mention the app on a blog or other online community about photo apps would be appreciated as well.


And while I can’t reward everyone, I can however offer a variety of prizes that you could win!
The draws will be random, with entries given for every post, tweet, etc that you do to help me out over the next two weeks. The more you share, the more likely you will win a prize.

Here are some of the things you might win!

I’m going to thrown in a free full 8 week or 2 day photography course as the main prize.
(“Hey Noel, I’ve already taken your course, this is no good to me.”
Well, you can use the money towards other courses…or think of what an amazing Christmas gift it would be to give someone a course.)

You have me for a full hour to do with whatever you please.
Maybe I should rephrase that…
It could be for one on one camera instruction, critique, help with anything photography related, even a portrait session. This will most likely be a Saint John area only prize.
For those not in Saint John, it could be done via Skype or other online communication.

I’ll also be giving away iTunes cards, Photo Life subscriptions, some free copies of my apps, and other things that I can come up with.


Thank you for making it to the end. I hope that I have made it clear why your help is needed, maybe convinced you if you weren’t sure, or reaffirmed why you are helping me out.

Sincere thanks,

ps- here’s the link again for the easy promotion page: http://www.learnphoto.ca/apps/promote.html

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