Kimye’s Honeymoon Ruined By Photoshopping…Photoshop To The Rescue!

May The Force Be With Us….Always

As you may have heard, Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)’s honeymoon was ruined after they spent four days photoshopping their wedding photographs after Annie Leibovitz (allegedly) backed out of shooting their wedding.

Let’s put our Photoshop skills to good use and come up some other options to make them feel better!
Here’s a layered PSD file of a blank background and Kimye on top. Here’s a jpg of just them surrounded by white.

Get creative and truly capture what this day means to them, and the world…


Post your shots and tag em with #kimyekiss

Here are some others people have come up with! Keep em coming!

Under the Sea, by Audrey Rose McBay

by Audrey Rose McBay
From Adam Lanigan

Have fun!

Noel Chenier

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