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Kimye’s Honeymoon Ruined By Photoshopping…Photoshop To The Rescue!

May The Force Be With Us….Always As you may have heard, Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)’s honeymoon was ruined after they spent four days photoshopping their wedding photographs after Annie Leibovitz (allegedly) backed out of shooting their wedding. Let’s put our Photoshop skills to good use and come up some other options to make […]

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I’ve just launched V2.0 of my apps, and I’m looking for your help one last time to spread the word. AND HERE IS WHY:

Hi Everyone First off, a warning. This message will relates to the launch of v2.0 of my photography apps, and one more request for help from you to spread the word. If you are sick of hearing about my apps, you probably should stop reading.  But before you do, I just wanted to explain the […]

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Breaking Bad Photo Scavenger Hunt!

As Breaking Bad comes to an end (and a fitting one in my opinion), I thought it would be fun to give out a fun assignment…a Breaking Bad Photo Scavenger Hunt!Here is the list… BLUE (Preferably the same blue as the meth! example PURPLE BEAKER FLASK RV (Preferably the same style as the one […]

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