Documentary Photography

Vivian Maier was a Chicago housewife who's street photography remained unknown until her negatives were bought at auction and were displayed on the internet
A pulitzer prize winning photojournalist and former personal photographer for Gerald Ford.
Awarding winning documentary photographer and member of VII Photo
Photojournalist Harry Benson arrived in America with the Beatles and stayed to capture award winning images.
The Magnum photograph collective has been providing some of the most amazing photojournalism over the past 50+ years.
Canada wide group of social conscious photographers who work on large projects on a variety of issues.
A collective of some of the best photojournalists working today
Photographs taken behind the scenes at the White House with Presidential photographer Pete Sousa. The guy has amazing access!
The archive of over 50 years of images from the World Press Photo Contest, consisting of over 10,000 historic and iconic images.