I’ve been pretty lax with assignments, I apologize…Today I had an assignment to shoot a glass of Guinness…and had some fun with it. So i thought, why not make it an assignment!!!

So, the assignment is to photograph your favourite beverage in a creative way!

A couple of suggestions:

This is the important one. Depending on your drink, you may be able to get some really cool effects by shining light through it.

The photo above was taken with the flash directly behind the glass. You’ll need to be able to trigger your flash off camera (I used pocketwizard’s to trigger the flash)

Here’s another one with the flash pointed downward a bit more:

You may want to try using cardboard or a snoot to focus the light on the beverage so it doesn’t spread around too much.

You could also achieve this effect by putting the beverage in front of a window.
Make sure you meter for the inside light on the glass when using NATURAL LIGHT.

I also did some interesting shots with:

Flash held directly above:

Off camera flash cord, bounced off the ceiling:

Again, with the off camera cord or wireless triggering, but this could also be done using a lamp or spotlight with the camera on a tripod.

This was a cool one I did for a story about water quality:

You could also try some slow shutter speeds and zoom, pan, rotate.

There is a folder under assignments here:

Create a new album and upload your pix!

Have some fun, if you have any questions, fire me an email! nchenier@nbnet.nb.ca


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