Apps Infected By The Harlem Shake

Turns out photography apps are just as vulnerable to the Harlem Shake craze as schools, TV hosts, offices, sports teams, etc are…and my Photography Assignment Generator app was leading the way!
I hope you enjoy it! There is also a behind the scenes video below the jump!

I know the Harlem Shake craze is pretty much over, but the idea came to me so I did it.
I tried to make the app “dances” relate to their function…so the Instagram, Distressed FX, PhotoViva icons were brought into their respective apps and had filters, etc applied to them, I did the ripped page effect on the Photo365 app, turned the Simply B&W app icon to B&W and back, Big Lens app blurred…and some just had fun, like the Flickr dots bouncing around, the iColorama spin, or the Camera+ and Awesome changing places.
The Photo Rights app icon disappearing is a statement of the fact that Photographers Rights are in fact disappearing these days…

Here’s a behind the scenes video on how I made this happen:


Here’s info on the various apps on this video, which I recommend you check out and download!

Photography Assignment Generators
Completely unique photography apps that are all about inspiration and idea for taking photos.  Versions for iPhone/iPod and iPad, for both SLR shooters and iPhoneographers.
More info at

Big Lens:
A great app that lets you simulate shallow depth of field.

A great replacement for the iOS camera. Gives you separate control over focus and exposure, along with filters, editing tools, and sharing options.

Camera Awesome:
Another great replacement for the iOS camera with filters, editing tools, and sharing options.

Camera C64:
Turns your images into 8 bit Commodore 64

Distressed FX:
Another great filter effects app.

Great app for connecting to Flickr to share your photos with the world.

iColorama S:
Another great editing app to get artistic with your images.

One of the most popular shooting and sharing apps, lots of great filters.

A great way to keep track of your 365 photo challenge.

Photographer’s Rights:
Know your rights as a photographer in a variety of countries!  What you can and can’t legally photograph.

Get artistic with your images with brush effects and other editing tools.

Simply B&W:
Great app to convert your images to Black and White!

Slow Shutter Cam:
Great app that allows you to simulate slow shutter speeds.

A great photo editor, FREE thanks to Google.

NOTE: All apps in this video are the property of their respective creators and have been purchased through the Apple App Store.

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