How To Photograph Fire Twirling

They say not to play with fire…but I had the opportunity to photograph my cousin Drew Chenier, who does fire twirling using Poi, which are little squares of material that get soaked in kerosene and lit on fire! Needless to say, cool shots!

Techincal info for most of these shots:

ISO 100
Shot at a variety of shutter speeds, 1-2 seconds.
Aperture was around F11/16/22 depending on flame brightness.
On a tripod so I wouldn’t get any camera shake blur.
My SB-800 flash fired at the end to light up drew, it was triggered by a pocketwizard.

Although I’m thinking now that I didn’t have to go so slow with the shutter speed. He is twirling those things around really fast, and a bit faster speed 1/2, 1/4, etc might have worked just fine.







For the one above, I zoomed the lens out as the exposure was being made!
You can see the whole lot taken here.
Also, for anyone interested, I am planning to do a photo workshop/shoot with Drew. Hoping to find a beach so we can do cool shots with the sun setting behind him, then in total darkness!

As soon as I set a date, I will let you all know!



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