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#THESOCIALNOEL merch is here!

Check out what currently available on my Redbubble store!!

I know it’s inconceivable…but somehow brands still aren’t beating down my door to sponsor me.
So I need to find a way to make some money with this social media influencer thing.

So I’m going to have to start doing what all desperate influencers do…
Selling merchandise, AKA  “MERCH.”

And thanks to print on demand, you can put your dumb logo, face, or slogan on pretty much anything.
All forms of clothing: shirts, tank tops, hoodies, socks, and uh….underwear.
Useful items like mugs, beer and shot glasses, phone cases, pens, stationary, pillows, tote bags, clocks, shower curtains, aprons, towels, and blankets.
Fun things like buttons, stickers, magnets, bumper stickers, ornaments, or plush toys.

You can make books, calendars, cards, posters, and prints of all your favourite images.

You name it, someone can emblazon it!

Redbubble, Printify, Printful, Shopify, Lulu are all companies that offer a wide range of these products.

And it’s all so easy. Just upload your design, decide which crap you want to put it on, make some tweaks, and BOOM. You’ve got MERCH!

Many will even sell it and ship it for you. You just tell them how much profit you want to make. Then you just sit back and wait for the money to roll in as your devoted fans max out their credit cards to get a piece of you to make their life complete.

So for those last minute Christmas gifts for the person who has everything, or you totally forgot to buy for someone and don’t care at this point what you get them, head to THESOCIALNOEL merch page and get out your credit card to buy the most unique gift you’ll ever give. It’s too late to have delivery by Christmas, but you can blame that on the pandemic.

And that’s just the beginning. Be on the lookout for:
TheSocialNoel coloring books.
The SocialNoel lunchbox.
TheSocialNoel breakfast cereal.
The SocialNoel flamethrower (The kids will love that one.)
And my personal favourite:
The SocialNoel doll!

Thanks to NBCCD graphic design alumni Kerri-Leigh Buckingham for making this design for me.
Check them out on Instagram or their website.


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