Workflow and Saving Images

Lots of people ask me the process I go through when working my images. Here are the steps I follow when I am downloading images(note, this is how I do it, other people may have better ways, but it works for me!):

1) Download the images from the card to my hard drive on my computer to a folder called ORIGINALS.

2) Copy them onto a backup hard drive into an identical ORIGINALS folder.

3) I then make a copy of the originals and put them into a folder called TO CORRECT

4) Make my corrections to the images, then save them in a folder called CORRECTED. Depending on what the client requires, I will save them as TIFF or JPEGS.

5) Copy the corrected images onto the backup hard drive in a folder called CORRECTED.

6) Once i have over 4 gigabytes of images, I will burn them to DVD, making two copies just in case something happens to a DVD.

This way, i’ve got three or four copies of the images in a variety of places so if my computer crashes, I’ve got a copy somewhere else.


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  1. Noel:<BR/><BR/>I follow a similar pattern, except I create a sub-folder inside the main folder created when I download the pics, and then I edit only the ones I want to bother editing (likely far less % than you edit! 😉 and save the edited files there.<BR/><BR/>Rather than burn to DVD (which I despise doing for some odd and unexplained reason… call it some kind of DVD burnaphobia…), I back


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