Photo Bits May 4th 2016

In honor of May The 4th Be With You day…the Force is strong with this edition of Photo Bits…
Photographer Paweł Kadysz brings a little levity to the darkside with a series of images depicting Darth Vader as an everyday joe.


-Lots of people use Star Wars figures as their subject…check out
Zahir Batin, Stormtroopers365, Rather Childish, and Vesa Lehtimaki

-Here’s an easy (although very boring voiced) tutorial on making lightsabers

50 behind the scenes images of the cast of Star Wars

-Series of portraits of Star Wars fans and their collections

-Site containing images from the original shoots of the Star Wars figures


Check out more great strips here!


Why The Long Play Face is a hilarious mash up of album covers redone using Star Wars characters.

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